Daniel Banta Pension application

A member of OUTWATER'S Company

The State of Ohio Warren County / On this 4th day of October in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred thirty two personally appeared in open court in the court of common pleas for Warren County (Ohio) now sitting Daniel Banta a resident of Warren County aged seventy years ~ who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declarations in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832. That he entered into the service in the revolutionary War under the following named officers ~ served as herein stated ~ No. Bergen County New Jersey as he now believes in the year 1777. In the fall of that year. He volunteered with others but for what length of time he cannot recollect (under Capt. Outwater) with the view of defending that part of the country against the British troops as he thinks then or about to make an attack there as was believed. That he recollects no field officers under which he served except a Col. Dye who generally commanded the regiment to which he belonged, that he was engaged in scouting, peloting [sic-should be petroling for patrolling?] & escorting provisions & warlike stores for the Continental army. From the time first above Mentioned, until the year 1781~ with the exception perhaps of a few weeks in the hard weather of each winter ~ that the service was all performed as a Militia Man in the New Jersey Service & according to rules by which compulsory drafts were made on the Militia of East Jersey. In the beginning of the year 1781 he enlisted in the service of the State for one year, under Captain Outwater, he recollects one Riker Sedan was an ensign in said Company, he enlisted at Hackensack, Bergen County New Jersey ~ That he remained stationed at Hackensack for the winter of 1781 ~ except occasional excursions into the secondary country until May 1781. The company was Marched to fort Lee on the North river, then recently Accupied [sic] by the British troops ~ That Col. Dye he recollects with the Militia ^ in the attack on Fort Lee, gave way & and the attack was abandoned, this was on the 15th of May 1781 ~ Three days after this his company ( the Captain being on a visit to his family) commanded by a Leut. Collectin [?] he thinks Marched to Fort Lee again ^ under Col. Dye attacked and took it, the British all made their escape in the last exchange into [sic] he was wounded by a Musket ball which passed through both his thighs ~ he laid under the surgions [sic] care from ~ the 15th of May 1781 Until some time in lefts following when he became able to help himself & in October following rejoined his company at Hackensack with which he remained Until his years service expired. + he was discharged ~
After this he was only occasionally in arms when its was necessary to watch or harass the March of British troops passing through East Jersey ~ but saw long [end page] altogether he served in this way after his years enlistment expired + and before the close of the War he is unable to say. That he recollects in the year 1778 he was taken prisoner in New York & was whipped by one of the Tories in the British service in consequence of a quarrel about the father of the applicant whose character was assailed by the person allotted to issue provisions + [unreadable?] of the applicant. ~ That he has no documentary proof of his services + that he knew of no person living who could testify to his services.
He hereby relinquishes his every Claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present. + declares that his name is not on the pension rolls of the agency of any state, ~ He states that he was born in east Jersey, Bergen County in the year 1762. That there was a record of his age in his fathers bible which he has seen but does not know where it is ~ That he recollects no other officer in command Where he served, than he declared. ~ saw Washington, Green and Law Fayette.
[signed] David Banta
sworn + subscribed in open court 4th Oct, 1832
J.K. Wildold, Rubend Semonton a Clerk of now residing in Warren County Ohio & Joseph Dill of the same place certify that we are well acquainted with Daniel Banta who has sworn subscribed and sworn to the afforgoing declaration that we believe him to be 70 years of age that he is reported + believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a revolutionary soldier & that we do concur.

Amendment/ appeal to original application:
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officers and soldiers of the revolutionary War. He makes the following addition to his former Statement made before the court of common pleas for Warren County Ohio. Says that he entered the service as stated in his first application In the fall of the year 1777. Under Captain ^John Outwater who commanded the company in which he enrolled as a common soldier, & served for one month & returned to his house in Bergen county N. Jersey, During the time the british [sic] army lay at New Bridge in Bergen co. New Jersey ~the company was attached to a regiment Commanded by Col. Dye. The American troops were (during the Monthly services above stated under Col. Dye) engaged in watching the movements of the British army & preventing the british troops from foraging through the surrounding the country. In the early part of the month of March AD 1778 he was drafted as a common soldier for one month & marched under Capt. James Christis to a point about five miles from New Bridge in Bergen County New Jersey, on the road to Gloster the place where the company was Stationed he remembers was called Tenafly ~ Surving [sic] this months service he was taken prisoner by the Tories & carried to New York where in a few days he was exchanged & in about a week was again back at Tenafly with his company, where he remained with said company till his month expired & he was discharged ~ After this & before the year 1781 ~ (when he enlisted as stated in his first application) he served in the New Jersey Militia as a common soldier without any loss of time That he can recollect till his enlistment up. He recollects serving under Capt. John Hyler a Lieut. Herring, but being old & infirm he cannot recollect the places & particular terms of each tour of duty or the officers under whom he served & further saith not. This applicant further says that by reason of being old age & consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively as to the particular lengths of his services but according to the best of his recollections he served not less than the periods following: viz: as a common soldier. Two months at New Bridge, New Jersey, Two months at Schallenberg Bergen co. New Jersey,, Five Months at Tenafly in the same county, Three Months at Closter New Jersey & 5 or 6 weeks with Lieut. Seely at New Bridge, all in the field ^ besides the year enlistment as Stated in his former Statement & none of the apt. services in the Garretson & for the services & that stated in my first application I claim a pension.

The State of Ohio, Warren County Ss Personally came before me the Undersigned a justice of the peace for Warren County Ohio, Daniel Banta a resident of the county & who being sworn saith that the facts set forth in the aforesaid Statement are true according to his recollections + further saith not, sworn and

[signed] David Banta

subscribed before me }
[Signature illegible]



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