David R. Bogert Pension Application-one of the "Jersey Dutch' of Bergen County who fought the British and Tories though out the Revolutionary War, as a militia man in Captain John Outwater's Company.


Declaration in Order to Obtain the benefits of the Act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832

State of New York, county of Saratoga [?] On the fourth day of September, One thousand eight hundred and thirty two personally appeared in Open Court before the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Saratoga, now setting David R. Bogert a resident of the Town of Malta in the County of Saratoga aforesaid aged 70 years or will be 70 years of age on the 3rd day of February Next. who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his Oath Make the following declaration, in Order to Obtain the benefits of the act of congress past June 7th 1832.

David R. Bogert being duly sworn doth depose +[and] say that he was born in the city of New York on the 3d of February 1763 as will appear by his family record kept by his father until near his decease in 1814. a record of which may also be found in the Books of the Reformed Dutch church in New York ­ That he is now a resident of the town of Malta in Saratoga County. New York + in the 70th year of his age doth on his oath make the following declaration. General Washing having retreated thro New Jersey was followed by the British Army Hessians +c[etc]. In 1776.. there was a considerable number of People of New Jersey took part with the British. Many took protections + others were formed into regiments and companies. A considerable number of people of Hackensack where the deponent then resided were so formed under the command of Col. Buskirk. ­ When the Hessians were taken at Trenton. a Spirit of resistance seemed to revive amongst the people, a company was then formed at Hackensack out of the inhabitants who remained true to Whig principles. + began to serve as long as their services were required + most of those who escaped the various casualties of a soldier's life did continue to serve till the end of the war in 1783. Whether there was then a regular enlistment deponent does not know. But thinks the company chose the officers John Outwater was Captain Adam Boyd Lieut. Abraham Allen Ensign deponent then /the commencement of 1777 + in the 15th year of his age/joined that company + served with it at Hackensack + vicinity as a volunteer not being then subject to do military duty by law. The company were employed in guarding Hackensack. The little ferry. Pollevey. Moonachje. And in scouting parties between the Hackensack and Hudson Rivers. The English neighborhood. The liberty pole. Forts Lee to Bergen + near Powles Hook where the English maintained a garrison during the whole war/ except a few hours in 1779 August 16th when our army took it./ in the year 1779. The early parts of the year neither day nor month recorded the company again engaged to serve the country but whether they were considered as continentals or state troops deponent does not know. The company then chose Abraham Hugsman for Ensign and the Captain (Outwater) appointed deponent a Corporal and the following day deponent acted as Corporal + continued so to act till he was taken prisoner in a skirmish at Bergen. + after his exchange in December & assuming his duties in the company he continued so to act till sometime in February following ­ and here deponent remarks that Captain Outwater's company was completely isolated and acted during these thrice years independently of all other troops as he thinks and believes. Lord Cornwallis came up with 15,000 men + lay in the vicinity several weeks. Still this company tho' actively engaged in various military duties were not in company with continental troops ­ + when in 1778 Lord Cornwallis with 7000 men came thro' Hackensack + went 5 miles southwest to the Passaic River + then returned and lay 3 weeks at the new bridge. Although the regiment of militias composing all the militia of Bergen county under Col. Teunis Dey were called out Col. Malcolm with the 5th New York regiment came to Paramus + Col. Bailers regt of Light Dragoons had lain there part of the summer + although major ­ (name forgot) with some men from Somerset were sent to Hackensack + Brigadier General Hurd with some militia and an old iron 9 pr. came into the place in pursuit of parts of Cornwallis' army. Still our orders were received from Capt. Outwater ­ in 1779 Capt Blanche commanded a company Capt Romain another Capt Hopper another. North of Hackensack extending their services to Tappan Col. Febiger with the ­ Regt. Virginians lay there also. + the North Carolina line at Paramus 9 miles west. These last kept a guard at the little ferry which was taken by the English troops + which found Serjt. Smith and some others he knew prisoners in the sugar house in 1779. The deponent further declares that during those 3 years he does not know that Capt. Outwater received any orders from any of the continental officers which laid at Hackensack or the vicinity or from Col. Dey who commanded the militia regt. of Bergen County. But that on an occasion of executing 2 felons the sheriff Boyd called out the posse comitatus being apprehensive of a rescue by the British parties in the vicinity. Our company formed part of it + had previously guarded the goal on another occasion the major of Col Bailers Regt named Clough commander in the absense of Col Bailer. The quartermaster of the Regt pressed a quantity of grain at the house of a farmer named Berry for the use of the regt + Berry took out a writ for the Q master + Clough refused leave to the sheriff to execute the writ, the sheriff called out the posse when the regt of militia assembled and our company were also assembled to assist the sheriff on but good men in the place interfered + the major allowed the writ to be served. The major was soon after killed when the regt was massacred at Tappan. The deponent further declares that in 1779. he drew rations of flour, pork/ whisky till he was taken prisoner and on $8.00 as one month's pay. + that was all the compensation he ever received except that the state of New Jersey had since the war paid him for his musquet + accruements taken with him ­ deponent resided a few months during 1780 at Kinderhook + then at Preakness near the headquarters of General Washington where he joined the militia company of Cap Mead Col Dey's regt and with them went on the lines 17th where Cap Ward was building a second blockhouse on the spot that General Wayne had unsuccessfully attempted to take in 1780 and after some fighting drove him on board his gallies on the North River and demolished the blockhouse ­ while on the lines deponent was detached with a party + served under Capt Hopper ­ during the last year of the war the deponent returned to Hackensack + under the command of Cap Outwater but cannot say how long he served. That he has resided in New York Dutchess County New York + Malta since the war. Deponent further says that after the law had passed under which he claims a pension he went to Hackensack + after much inquiry found that Capt Outwater was dead + had left no papers ­ Ensign Houseman is dead. Lieut. Boyd being sheriff never had any of the company papers ­ + of all the men with whom he served and who retained their memory of his services Sylvester Maurice and Henry Berdand are all that are left and only 3 others are living 2 of whom are entirely childish and Liet Boyd now 86 years old and now very sick emphatically said my dear sir you and your family have suffered everything and if anything can be got you ought to have it but how can you expect that I/ 86 years old and nearly in the grave should remember your services. Deponent further says these services were rendered 53 years since meaning the most recent of them and his own memory being impaired by a long service and fit of sicknesses as well as by time and usual occurrences that take place in 55 years of a man's life. He has not been able to remember many of the events of his military life but there was little rest for the soldiers of that period ­ deponent further says that he has recently been informed that Ensign John Terhune who commanded the party when deponent was taken is living near Detroit + deponent further says that when taken by Buskirk's regt he was carried into N York before Major General Patterson then British Command in N York + in this street he was separated from his companion John Losier (who was taken with him) he was sent to the provost kept by Cunningham + deponent to the sugar house kept by Serjt Hutton + that he has not been able to find a man living of 300 who were confined there at that time.

And further the Deponent says that the Company held their headquarters in Hackensack + never were encamped nor were the Militia Reg't or even the Continental Light Horse or Foot Regiments or parties-it was not the fashion in those days. They laid in houses + barns in woods + Swamps + open fields on the ground-The Company generally maintained a guard at the Little ferry + in the Town + gererally a party were scouting toward Powles Hook-parties of the Enemy often came up from Pawles Hook + Sometimes other places + plundered the place-one party burnt the house of the Sheriff and the Court House- an other party came to Moonachie and killed three of our Citizens + wounded three others + were repulsed by a part of our Company in which I was-another came to the same place + were again repulsed by our Company I was there then
10 of the Company with Lieut. Boyd were sent to surprize the British picquet of Lord Cornwallis in 1778. + when we came into the guard house (Tenpenny school house) ­ we found it empty. Col. Burr had taken the pickets without firing + carried them away and the Enemy seemed then not to know their picket was taken. It is impossible for Deponent at this distance of time to remember the various skirmishes in which he was engaged with parts of his own + other companies. Silvester Maurice. Henry Denny- James Chappel. Abraham Allen. Peter Allen. Morris East + others were wounded and others were wounded also but their names forgot.
If it is required that Deponent should name officers whom he knew it would make a long list-Lieut. Warsenfeld. Bagley. +Freligh were Schoolmates- he knew most of the officers of the N. York line. Some of the Virginia line-Col. Hazen + some of his officers Col. Lamb. + many of his Col. Proctor + many of his reg't. Col. Baylor. Major Lee + his Capt. Van Swearingen. Col. Weisenfels. Col. Willet. Etc, etc.
Deponent further says that as his engamements were not for any particular period as far as he now remembered, so when on very short notice he was going to Kinderhook + apprized his Capt. Of it. The Capt did not offer him a discharge nor did deponent ask for one or think on necessary.
The Deponent further states that he has now brought forward the Evidence of Silvester Maurice = Henry Berdan in confirmation of his own statement both of whom he knew + was known by them thro' the whole war + that he is known by many of the inhabitants of Ballston + Malta in Saratoga County.
Deponent further declares that he has not heretofore made any application for a pension under any former Law of Congress
And that Alden M. Swain Henry Dolittle Moses Williams are well acquated with Deponent and can testify as to Deponent character for veracity + their belief this services as a soldier of the Revolution.
And Deponent further states that he served under Cap't Outwater at least three years in those years of 1777.1778.1779 including the time he was a prisoner of war
And the deponent hereby relinquishes Every Claim whatever to a pension or annuity Except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of this or any other state-
Sworn to the subscriber the day and year aforesaid in open court-
(signed Thomas Palmer, Clerk)


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