Hendrick Vroom Pension application

From the Hillsborough-North Branch, NJ area along the Raritan River-exact area not specified.


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of our Lords One thousand Eight hundred and thirty two, personally appeared in open court before the Judges of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas now Sitting at Bridgewater in and for said County Hendrick P. Vroom a resident in the Township of Bedminster in said County of Somerset ~ aged seventy five years, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath Make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed the 7th of June, 1832 ~ That he was born at North Branch on the 8th of February. That he entered in to the service at New Brunswick (thinks in 1776 under Capt. Abraham Ten Eyck ­ Marched to Elizabeth Town, but cannot say how long he remained there, but thinks at least a month. Staid until dismissed and returned home with the other troops. ~ After this he was called out under Cap't Derick Meddah or Meddick, went to Elizabeth Staid there until his time was out and returned with the Soldiers ~ Soon after again went out- out under Cap't Cornelius Tunison/ marched again as he thinks to Elizabeth Town cant say how long ^but thinks a month.- After this he went out under Capt. Logan of Somerset was March to Comungpaugh in the County of Bergen ^one month ~ Again Entered the Service under Capt. Conrad Ten Eyck of Said county at Millstone, Marched to Elizabeth and from there to Communypaugh [sic] was there a long time, cant [sic] say how long ~ There when the British took New York. Colo. Frelinghuysen, Col. Quick and Colo. Ten Eyck, Sometimes had the command ~ was out under Colo. Meddah ~ Sometimes acted as orderly sergeant. [end page]




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and have moved from there to this place ~ & have been quite infirm for many years. His memory fails him and he Cannot Say how long he was out ~ off and on during the war, never declined going when called upon and was able. Deponent recollects that he served at Millstone ~ Middlebrook as much as a month. He has no documentary evidence of his said service ~ he was born in the County of Somerset in 1757. Where he has ever since resided. He hereby extinguishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension Roll of the agency of any State.
Sworn and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.

[signed] Hendrick P. Vroom

[signed] Wm. Gaston

Somerset County Ss. Samuel Sutphin being duly sworn on his oath saith that he is in his eighty fifth year. That he was well acquainted with the above named Hendrick P. Vroom + served with him as a soldier in the Army of the Revolution ~ Knows that Said Vroom served as a soldier in said army as much as two months. Was with him at Commingpau ~Bergen + at different places on vrs [sic] times ~
Sworn and subscribed this day + year aforesaid

Samuel Sutphin

[signed] Wm. Gaston

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Somerset County Ss. Andrew A. Ten Eyck being duly sworn on his oath saith that he knows sd. Vroom in the time of the Revolutionary War ~ Remembers that said Vroom prepared and went out as a soldier in said service as was reported in his neighborhood Where he then resided. ~ Deponent further says that it has always been considered that sd. Vroom was a soldier as a Revolution~[sic]
Deponent Knew of his being out in camp in said service.
Sworn in open court [signed] Andrew Ten Eyck
[signed] Wm. Gaston

Somerset County Ss. John Steel being duly sworn on his oath saith that he knew the above named Hendrick P. Vroom in the time of the Revolution + that it was understood in the neighborhood that sd. Vroom was out in the service. They lived in the same County during the war, but in different neighborhoods.
Sworn and subscribed the day + year aforesaid.
[signed] John Steel
[signed] Wm. Gaston


I hereby certify that I am acquainted with both the above named Andrew A. Ten Eyck + John Steel, that they are dependable men and entitled to credit.
[signed] Isaac Southard, member [sic-member of what?]


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