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The Official Register of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War

Historical Maps of NJ -Cartography Dept. of Rutgers

The writings of John Rees- Writings on the NJ Continentals-"the Jersey Blues", and other Revolutionary war subjects, by an expert

REVWAR '75 - transcriptions of Orderly books and many other resources online.


New Jersey in the Revolution

NJRW: New Jersey's Historic Sites


The American Revolution on-line

The History Channel¨

Welcome to the Center of Military History

Historical NJ documents


George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress

Journals of the Cont'l Congress

American Revolution.org a site done by the 4th Connecticut Regiment, with MANY pages and links, Very well done.

American Revolution.com

The 18th Century

18th Century links for researchers and students

NJ Brigade of the Continental Line timeline

NJ Revolutionary war chronology

Battle Road- Lexington and Concord

Pensions of NJ men in the Revolution-Geneological site with pensions.

Doc M's Homepage- who has done some serious research on a few very interesting Scottish characters of the Revolution, including Cornet Geary, Captain Ferguson, of the rifle fame, and others.

The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies: an extensive site dedicated to loyalist history, geneology- to quote "with the goal of providing detailed, accurate Loyalist information to anyone who might have an interest. The site is not intended to serve as an introduction to what a Loyalist is, but rather is a place for those who are seeking detailed, specific information about
individual Loyalist regiments or soldiers." If your are interested in the dark side, it's good!


Historical reenactment groups-these people like history so much they sometimes live it! These are all Revolutionary War Groups or people.


Brigade of the Revolution ---all types of units: American, French, British, Spanish, with a strong emphasis on authenticity.

NorthWest Territories Alliance- Mid-West group-lots of info avail from this site.

Mike Meals Revolutionary War Page --an award winner!

British Brigade --British units


some New Jersey units on the web:

Captain John Outwater' s Company of Militia Home Page

1st NJ reg't, -Polhemus Co.

Sappers and Miners Corp -a Continental unit

4th Light Dragoons -a Continental unit

Kings Rangers-Haydens Co. Loyalist unit

2ND NJ Regiment- Helm's Co.

Want to discuss the American War of Independence thru email? There is a email list you can subscribe to. It is mostly reenactors, but you don't need to reenact to get on it-just have a serious interest in the Revolution. You will get 30 or more postings a day, so do not join lightly! If you do subscribe, lurk on the list a while by reading and not sending anything until you get a feel for what is discussed or NOT discussed. Look up the REVLIST FAQ sheet (frequently asked questions). It has directions for subscribing to the list.

NJ History another email discussion list FAQ page, about all of NJ history.

Mountain Men Mailing List archives read the postings of the list without subscribing.

Other history resource links-

Referance Internet resources-Rutgers library index to pages,documents on the web

Library Information Resources on the Internet

Kings Arm Press- historical books , documents and forms, (in NJ!)

NJ History LINKS- 1760+


A selection of books on the Revolutionary War and related topics! Check out: Rev War Books


My own pages:

New Jersey during the Revolution:

The Battle of Trenton

The Battle of Princeton.

The Battle of Monmouth

The Defense of the Delaware Forts-1777

The NJ militia during the Revolution

The Partisan War

The Ambush of Cornet Geary- a small unit action

The Battle of Millstone- a mid size action

The Neutral Ground-along the Hudson

The Whaleboat Wars- crossing the water

The Middlebrook encampment

The sufferings of a Continental soldier

The Pine Tree Robbers, in south Jersey

Tactics and Weapons

Banta Pension application

Bogert Pension application

Van Lew pension application

Sutphin pension application- Black slave

Vroom pension application

William Houston journal-1776

Poor Twist- the death of a soldier

Indian Raid

VIP images of NJ- pictures and portraits

John Hart, signer of the Declaration of Independence for NJ.

The end of the war in New Jersey

History Links page

I recommend also Captain John Outwater's Co. of Militia web page.


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